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Aloe Powder

Aloe Powder

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Name: Aloe Powder
Product ID: lf-008



Product Name Aloe Powder
Performance and fucncion Aloe is lily family plant which is a kind of natural antibiotics, contains various vitamins, aloe glycoside, amino acid and dozen of microelements, organized enzyme, organic acid and organic germanium etc. Aloe is a natural green food and medicine, collecting beautification, hair dressing and enjoying, used for goods, medicines, toothpaste and cosmetics, can fight against bacteria, fungi, virus and has the functions of detoxification and cleaning, can enhance the action of phagocytes. It has great curative effect for anti inflammation, wound healing, immunity and tumor. The aloe powder is made of gel of aloe leaf through several processing, free of antiseptic .
Quality index Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
odour the distinctive odour of this product
abstraction proportion 200:1
Volume of aloe glycoside =1%
PH value 4~6(5%of water liquor)
mercury ≤0.5mg/kg
arsenic ≤0.5mg/kg
lead ≤1mg/kg
Total bacterial ≤1000cfu/g
Pathogen can’t be tested
Package 1kg aluminum foil package, 10kg/case.
Quality guarantee period 1 year
Storage the Method Put in dry and cold place; Keep being enveloped.