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BGX 104-3

BGX 104-3

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Name: BGX 104-3
Product ID: lf-001



Model: BGX 104-3

The product is based on hydroxy acid Barium, Chromium, Zinc, assisted with phosphite ester,special solvent, mineral oil which consisted to be a kind of light yellow clarity liquid with a gravity about 0.96. It can mix with normal plasticizer but do not corrode metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, lead and copper.

The product is widely used at present. When applied to polyvinyl chloride soft, half-solidand solid materials, it possesses good thermostability, weatherability and clarity.Therefore, the product is well applied to products such as plastic lm, transparent film,hard plate, scandal, sole, artificial leather, wallpaper, floor board, tube and plank, etc.

Quality index:

Color: light yellow clarity liquid

Metal content: Barium  5±0.5%

Chromium ≥3%

Zinc     0.45±0.15%

Lustre: ≤500°

Package: 200L plastic drum/180kg

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