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Ginger extractive

Ginger extractive

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Name: Ginger extractive
Product ID: lf-012



Product Name Ginger extractive
Performance and fucncion Ginger extractive is the available component distilled from the high grade ginger. It includes naphtha, gingerol, zingiberone and multiple kinds of amino acid. It has the functions of stimulating the skin and promoting the blood circulation. Besides, it also has the wonderful treatment to chilblain, fleck, and spots on the skin of old man, pachylosis and acne.

Quality index:

execution standard Q/HZL1-2003

Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
total solid content ≥2.5%
PH value 4.5~6.5(10%water)
mercury ≤0.5mg/kg
arsenic ≤0.5mg/kg
lead ≤1mg/kg
Total bacterial count ≤100cfu/ml
Pathogen can’t be tested
Package 2.5kg ×6 bucket/case(15kg), plastic bucket, paper case.
Quality guarantee period 1 year
Storage the Method Put in dry and cold place; Keep being enveloped.