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Hexanoyl chloride

Hexanoyl chloride

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Name: Hexanoyl chloride
Product ID: lf-006



Product Name Hexanoyl chloride
Molecular formula C5H11COCl
Molecular weight 134.61
CAS No. 142-61-0
Property The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Proportion:0.959,boiling point:151-153oC,refractive index:1.4263,freezing point:-87.3oC,flash point: 50oC。Meeting water, and will generate decomposition. Soluble in ether, chloroform. It has corrosive and tearing effect.
Appearance 无色透明发烟液体、无明显可见杂质
Content ≥98.0%
Free chlorine ≤2.0%
Use 主要用作液晶、医药、农药中间体及有机合成原料。
Packing 200kg塑料桶装
Safety measure 参见《己酰氯安全技术说明书》