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Placenta extractive

Placenta extractive

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Name: Placenta extractive
Product ID: lf-010



Product Name Aloe Powder
Performance and fucncion Anther name for placenta is dried human placenta, and placenta extractive is also called human placental liquid, placenta element or temple treasure liquid. This product takes the fresh and health human placental as the raw material, and adopts the natural advanced nutrition additive made by modernization science bio-chemical crafts. It is rich in protein that forms the proper molecular amount of polypeptide and many kinds of human integrant amino acid after hydrolyzing, which has the effect of finest heat preservation, skin care and nutrition to the human skin. Especially it can be easily absorbed by the skin because the human placental and human skin structural both belong to the autoploidy. Besides, it has the prominent functions of postponing the senescence of the skin and preventing the skin crinkle from adding, due to the estradiol and progestin in the placenta.
This product is suitable for the cream frost and latex skin care cosmetic as well as very good compatibleness in the cosmetic. The recommended dosage is 2-5%.

Quality index:

execution standard Q/HZL1-2003

Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
the volume of amino acid ≥2.5%(convert into protein)
PH value 5~7
mercury ≤0.5mg/kg
arsenic ≤0.5mg/kg
lead ≤1mg/kg
Total bacterial ≤100cfu/g
Pathogen can’t be tested
Package 2.5kg ×6 bucket/case(15kg), plastic bucket, paper case.
Quality guarantee period 1 year
Storage the Method Put in dry and cold place; Keep being enveloped.