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Plastic Prion Protein

Plastic Prion Protein

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Name: Plastic Prion Protein
Product ID: lf-007



Product Name Plastic Prion Protein Hydrolysate
Performance and fucncion Plastic prion protein hydrolysis is made of mammalian skin, cartilage, fascia, and other raw materials, using advanced science and biotechnology,it is formed by special hydrolysis craft. Plastic prion constitutes skin protein the main ingredients,which has physical activity on the shin. As the peptide chain of the plastic prion protein hydrolysis contains Amino, carboxyl, OH, Hydrophilic and so on.So it has a moisture effect on the skin and has a good affinity keratinocytes hair,which can be absorbed by the hair, preventing hair damage or having a repaired role in the injuried hair, adding the prion protein hydrolysis composition of the hair and surfactants stimulates on skin and hair,it is safe to the human skin.
Quality index Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
Protein content ≥10%
PH value 5~6
Lead ≤1mg/kg
Arsenic ≤1mg/kg
Total bacterial ≤100个/ml
Pathogen can’t be tested
Package 2.5kg plastic buckets with 15kg in each case

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