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Contact:  Mr. yuan

Tel:  +86-513-84104688

Fax:  +86-513-84104988

Mobile:   +86-13773721118


Add:  The People’s south RD,Juegang Town,Rudong County ,Jiangsu Province ,China

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Our company (it's former name is Rudong Binshan Acid Factory) was established in 1987,located in Rudong County of JiangSu Province which is in the beautiful and rich plain of the YangZi River Delta,with Yellow sea in its east and YangZi River in its south.After the SuZhou-NanTong Bridge had been built ,it takes within an hour to the internationalized cities such as Shanghai ,Suzhou,Wuxi and so on.

Our company mainly specialiced in Phosphorousa Acid , a series of Chloride and plant extractive with development in decades of years,it has formed three series and more than twenty kinds of products. Our company mainly  produces and sales a various of chemical products, such as phosphorous acid  ,a series of  chloride products, plant extractive.It has become one of brief exporters in products of Phosphorous acid.

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